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Lines of insurance we offer

Home & Auto


 Homeowners policies not only provide protection against disasters such as flood, fire, vandalism and theft of property, but they also provide protection against lawsuits if someone is injured while on the owner's property.

Auto insurance is required in all states. Many levels of coverage are available for auto insurance, although purchasing the required State Minimum level of insurance is not recommended. 

Farm & Ranch


 Farm & ranch insurance is diverse and coverage will vary depending on the farming and ranching operation insured. Farm & ranch insurance can cover the home, out buildings, barns, autos, implements and numerous other pieces of farm equipment; this of course depends on the inclusions, exclusions and endorsements that are added to or subtracted from the basic policy.



 The Commercial General Liability Policy provides insurance protection to pay damages for bodily injury or property damages for which the insured is legally responsible. The policy also covers accidents occurring on or away from the premises. Coverage is provided for injury or damages arising out of goods or products made or sold by the named insured.  



 Crop insurance is a government-subsidized program administered by private companies. These private companies are appointed by the government and they contract with agencies such as Sonnenberg Agency, LLC to sell, service and act as a liaison between the producers and themselves. There are three (3) types of crop insurance policies, Yield Based (APH), Revenue Based and Crop Hail. 



 Sprinklers are one of the most commonly damaged pieces of farm equipment, resulting in some of the highest rates of filed claims on farm & ranch insurance policies. Insuring the sprinklers on a separate policy can provide greater coverage on the pivots and will hopefully prolong the length of the farm & ranch policy while reducing the premium due to fewer or no submitted losses.  



 Livestock Risk Protection Insurance was designed by the Risk Management Agency (RMA) to provide cattle producers with protection against downward price movement. The prices per head used for insurance are indexed off the Chicago Board of Trade. The policy period can be from thirteen (13) weeks to fifty-two (52) weeks, depending on the producer’s approximate marketing period. Steers, Heifers, Bulls, Brahma’s and Dairy Cattle are insurable.